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Thank you for your interest in Interchrome Dental Lab. We are a family owned, high end, full service dental laboratory in Chesapeake Virginia (VA). From single unit crowns, to full arch screw retained hybrid dentures, we’re here to be your partner.

Sometimes, a great restoration isn’t enough. Of course, it’s nice, but we often hear from our dentists that the greatest form of value we can provide comes as a result of the relationships that we have with our clients. It’s a relationship where we’ve been down tough roads together, working on complex cases for patients. It’s a relationship that’s been nurtured by communication and understanding. And it’s a relationship formed on mutual respect for the expertise that each individual brings to the complete dental team. This is what we strive to create for every client.

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WE ARE OPEN and able to support you in any dental emergency during this time. Many of our professional friends are closed for the time being, but are still open for emergency procedures. If you need lab support, we are ready to lend a hand. Be sure to check out our new training center, The Forum.

CALL: 757.271.5811 or EMAIL

Our dental technicians in Virginia (VA) are among the most highly skilled that exist in this country, and they are passionate about helping our clients succeed. Through impeccable quality control, and attention to detail, we are confident in saying our products are consistently excellent. When it comes to crown and bridge, we realize that to many of our dentists, this is the “bread and butter” of their dental practices, and we have made great efforts to help our clients succeed in this area. As such, we offer a 7 day turnaround on single unit posterior zirconia crowns. We recognize the need for this product to be turned around quickly, but we also know it needs to be consistent in order to realize the benefit of such a turnaround. Our fixed department will help you look like a hero to your patients. It doesn’t stop with just single unit crowns. We think that in order to drive the entire restorative process, we must have control over every aspect of our restorations, and as such, we keep as much of the work in house as absolutely possible, so we can enjoy the consistency it takes to put out a world class product. Our technicians design and fabricate our own custom implant abutments in house, so we can control how the final product is going to work in the mouth, as well as design digital wax ups, and full arch prettau bridge work as well.

When it comes to the removable department of our dental lab, we are equally as prepared to help our dentists and their patients. We create everything from a conventional single tooth flipper to advanced digital dentures, often involving locators, conus abutments, and bar retained overdentures. We digitally design splints and night guards, as well as a stackable surgical guide solution, to ensure we can address any dental need our clients may have. Just like with our fixed department, it is equally as important to be able to drive the entire restorative process so it will succeed. We create both simple and complex surgical guides that help our clients control the outcome of their restorative cases. Often beginning with a CBCT scan, our technicians create surgical guides that control implant placement, bone reduction, and fixation pinning to ensure implant success that will lay the groundwork for a successful future all-on-4 type hybrid. Following that, we use the most advanced digital denture workflows available to make what used to be difficult denture try-in appointment, a more streamlined, and predictable task. Whether we are planning an all-on-4 type restoration, or the most basic removable partial denture, we approach every case with the same mindset; “what can we do to make the job of our dentist easier, and how can we make the outcome better for the patient.”

We think very highly of the experience we want to provide our clients; so much so that we built our mission statement around it. Our mission is to create a positive dental laboratory experience that exceeds expectations. We want our clients to rest easy when they work with Interchrome, and know that we have all the details covered. We want our clients to think of us as their partner, not just the dental lab they use. And we want the best for our dentist’s patients.

Thanks again for your interest in Interchrome Dental Lab (Chesapeake Virginia, VA). We would love to embark into a productive, enjoyable partnership with you. Contact us in regard to any product or question you may have, we look forward to speaking with you.

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With today’s changing technology fine tuning our skills is a must. Our clients count on us to know the latest & best practices and we take their trust in us seriously.

> technician & dental CE courses
> years of experience
> learning from the best like Dawson & Spears etc.


Shared passion about our work creates an environment where constructive criticism is welcome; giving our clients consistent top notch work.

> relationship with clients
> collaborate with staff
> innovation


True Craftsmanship requires skills to utilize modern tools and create consistent fit and function .

> accomplished dental technicians
> dental artistry
> complex cases
> physical ability beyond a computer program

Digital Impressions

Interchrome Dental is the only lab in Hampton Roads with a dedicated digital impressions specialist.

> Sirona
> Exocad
> 3shape
> Carestream
> Itero
> E4D

5 Axis Milling

We chose the flagship when it comes to 5 Axis Zirconia milling.

> Zirkonzahn


This cloud based platform gives our clients better communication, faster service & paperless billing.

> enter cases digitally
> track your cases
> look up your invoices
> pay invoices online
> upload scans
> upload picture files

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