All On Four

Interchrome’s name has become synonymous with predictability and success when it comes to “All on four” type restorations. That success has ultimately been realized through the vision of our owner, Eddi Von Schlichting, who has had a unique interest in being at the tip of the spear for this kind of treatment. Known for being alongside clinicians throughout the process, Eddi guides and directs the flow of work so that time consuming steps can be as efficient as possible, while making sure we attain accurate bites, information and records right from the outset.

Success with an “all on four” restoration is born out of planning. From the very first thought of this kind of treatment it is important for the clinician, surgeon, and lab to be on the same page to lay the foundation for a restoration that has enough intra-oral arch space, bone reduction, proper implant placement, and the correct choice of restorative materials to create a successful outcome.

All on four cases generally come in two varieties: zirconia and wrap around acrylic. While zirconia hybrids allow for the ultimate in esthetics, acrylic hybrids are more economical and allow for easy repairs and serviceability. For a restoration in either material, we commonly find both starting from a digital denture workflow that starts with denture try-in appointments, implant verifications, and eventually the fabrication of a substructure. From there the appliance is finalized from the material of choice.

Through digital records obtained from the digital denture workflow for this kind of restoration, it is also easy to reproduce an appliance for the sake of a provisional, or replacement down the road as well.

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