Dentures and removable appliances have been the cornerstone of Interchrome since day one. First started as a removable laboratory, we have always been known for consistency and high quality precision when it comes to dentures, partials, and all things removable.

In recent years, one can see a shift in our removable department from the analog ways of the past toward a digital future. Today, we are the leading digital denture laboratory in our area. What was once driven by wax, torches, and denture teeth, is now propelled by cutting edge CAD/CAM software, milling, and precision processing techniques.

We have chosen a digital denture workflow that employs all of the clinical methods that clinicians are already familiar with, and complemented that with digital tools that allows for a digital denture design, improved try-in appointments, and future proofed records. We use 3D printing to help us produce printed prototypes that become the actual try-in, and we use state of the art milling equipment to create monolithic, multilayered teeth that are much stronger than denture teeth of the past. As for finishing, we have a proprietary method of processing digital dentures unlike other systems on the market, that allows us to enjoy the benefits of a heat cured chemical bond between the denture teeth and the denture base using the Ivobase system from Ivoclar

When it comes to digital dentures at Interchrome, not only do we see an improved denture product, we are also seeing the denture workflow become a staple of design for the start of complex fixed restorations, guided surgery, and screw retained hybrids and other upscale removables.

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