Crown and Bridge

Interchrome’s fixed department is at the cutting edge of crown and bridge when it comes to digital workflows. We have a lab solution for whatever restoration you are in need of, from full arch rehabilitation with the DSD App, CAD/CAM, digital wax ups, and implants, or if you need specific dental materials ranging from zirconia, zirconia hybrids, emax, lithium disilicate, and feldspathic veneers. Our team of expert dental technicians train in different philosophies of occlusion like that of The Dawson Academy, Panky Institute, John Kois, and Spear. Our unique set of knowledge and skill will bring the ultimate combination of function and esthetics to your single crown or full mouth rehabilitation. In addition, we have an AACD accredited member, and numerous CDT’s involved throughout the entire fabrication process.

One area of crown and bridge that sets us apart is our specialization with feldspathic veneers. This kind of restoration allows for minimum preparation for less invasive treatment, and produces more internal characterizations in a limited space. This technique also allows us to block out darker preps without a more aggressive preparation.

When it comes to custom shades, we do shade matching through a cutting edge new software called Shadewave. Since Shadewave is a spectrometer, by using the right photos, the app will give us the correct shades using a shade guide in the photo as a reference. It gives the technician a mapping of the different shades present in the tooth that would be very difficult to otherwise communicate traditionally. The workflow for this technology is also pleasant to use, as offices that use the Shadewave app will have an easier time transferring photos to the lab through the built in portal in the software. Shadewave costs a mere $30, and for dentists that send us 7 units a month, we pay for the software as a courtesy.

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