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Clinical Remounting Made Easy!

We recently had Dr. Jack Turbyfill in the lab giving one of his world renowned lectures on his technique involving the training denture, and his hydrocast relining method. We love this kind of information being delivered to our clinicians because it provides a new definition of what a quality denture really is! Dr. Turbyfill’s technique […]

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Guided Surgery With Interchrome

You’ll likely to take a guess at a question on Jeopardy. You’ll even guess about what the weather is going to do tomorrow. If you’re really feeling good, you might guess at what your kid is willing to eat for dinner. But no way, no how, would you probably be willing to guess about implant […]

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Learn from Linda Miles!

It’s not every day that we find one of the most forward thinking leaders in dentistry right here in our backyard. Hailing from Virginia Beach, Linda Miles is joining us at Interchrome Dental Lab for a half day workshop on Friday, April 6th, 2018, about some of her favorite topics. Specifically, how to stay on […]

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Learn From A Legend of Removable Dentistry!

We are pleased to announce that we will again host Dr. Jack Turbyfill at Interchrome Dental Lab, on April 12-14, 2018! For anyone who doesn’t know, Dr. Jack Turbyfill is truly one of the living legends of dentistry. His methods are world renowned, and at the same time, a dying art. His course teaches clinicians […]

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This is not your father’s night guard…

Experience the precision yourself! “Chair time for delivery of a bite splint is proving to be 50 – 75% less!” While digital dentistry is not a new concept, it’s still thrilling when we see new digital technologies permeating techniques that we are still doing in an analog fashion. Days at Interchrome are exciting as we […]

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pickup impression for a partial repair


SAVING TIME AND MONEY SERIES “The lab’s on the line, and they don’t have what they need to do the repair…” Have you ever gotten that call as you try to finish your afternoon in the dental office? It’s usually not a call the lab technician enjoys making, nor is it a good one to […]

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