We design all of our abutments in-house, because we believe the design is an integral part of controlling the quality of the case, and it obviously drives the restorative process for high end fixed appliances.

It’s worth noting that at Interchrome, all abutments and parts are created in the USA, and we have strict parameters we adhere to when it comes to using OEM parts. Using OEM manufacturers allows all parties involved to enjoy the warranties companies have in place for their products. We create abutments for the vast majority of all major implant manufacturers, and are unique in the fact that we are 3i Zimmer empowered, meaning we can design both 3i and Zimmer Encode abutments.

When it comes to retrievability, our experts in the fixed department can help you decide if an implant case is better served by a screwmentable versus cement retained option.

In our high end fixed department, esthetics are always of primary importance behind function. As such, our usage of gold-hueing techniques helps us to create restorations that disappear in the mouth. All abutments we fabricate are finalized with a gold-hue, which provides warmth and saturation to the crowns by eliminating the grayness from the metallic structure.

In addition, we often design abutments for many systems using an angled screw access. Although not available with all materials, we are able to correct the emergence of the screw access hole by as much as 25 degrees in many cases, which greatly adds to an esthetic outcome for implant cases.

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